Frequently Asked Questions

‘I am no stranger to counselling, and I can safely say that you’re the most effective. You’re willing to get into the guts of things.’

‘You brought us together at a time when such a thing seemed impossible.’

‘I continue to benefit from our sessions, particularly the affirmations and validations which help me to refocus when things are difficult.’

‘It was helpful for me to talk to a man. You gave me a place where I could be safe.’

‘You helped me with one of the most important decisions I have ever had to make. Thank you.’








What’s your approach?

I follow an approach known as Integrative Psychotherapy.  I work scientifically as a Psychological Counsellor.

How do you work with different cultures?

I have always worked with nationally and culturally diverse people, couples and families. I respect other cultures and will work within your spiritual and religious beliefs. I have extensive experience of working with the English speaking community in Basel.

How do I make an  appointment?

Please  either phone or email me and I will contact you to agree a convenient time to meet. 

What happens when I come to see you?

We talk about why you have come to see me and agree together how to proceed.  We work as partners to improve your relationships and your life.

How many times will I need to come?

Each person’s needs are different and this affects how often I see them. We develop your personalized plan together, based on your own situation and set of circumstances. We decide together how often we should meet and for how long.

How much do you charge?

Individuals: CHF 160 per hour

Couples: CHF 200 per hour

Groups/families: Negotiable depending on the size and needs of the group/family.